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    Mac Greeting Card Software Review

    What Can You Do With Mac Greeting Card Software?

    Giving someone a greeting card lets that person know you're thinking of him or her. You can go a step beyond just giving a generic card by creating a personalized card. Mac greeting card software allows you to adjust the wording, colors and images on the cards you create so that when that special someone opens your card, he or she will know that you put even more thought into it. Besides this, it can be fun to personalize cards for friends, family and others.

    Use a candid-looking photo of family members peeking at their Christmas gifts on your family Christmas card instead of a photo of that's more formal. Write a funny Valentine's poem to add to your Valentine's card for your special someone. Add pictures of your new arrival on baby shower thank you cards or your own thoughts on a Just Thinking of You card.

    Many of the applications we reviewed offer similar tools with which you can create your own greeting cards. However, some applications are much easier to use than others. After reviewing these products, we've found that the best applications include Hallmark Card Studio for Mac, Photoshop Elements and PrintMaster Platinum. For more information, check out our articles about Mac greeting card software.

    Mac Greeting Card Software: What to Look For

    The most effective software for creating greeting cards on your Mac has several basic aspects. It should be easy to use, offer lots of design features, provide tools to help you customize the card and effective help and support options.

    Ease of Use
    Making greeting cards involves several elements: selecting a card theme and template, importing and editing photos or images, composing or adapting a message, and adjusting all the visual components. If the application is too difficult to use, you might still purchase greeting cards at the store for the convenience factor. This is why ease of use is so important. The best Mac greeting card software has a simple interface and intuitive tools. That way you can quickly create the designs you're envisioning without spending time watching tutorials or reading the user guide.

    Design Features
    When you're considering which product to purchase, the number of predesigned cards and templates is important. The number of available fonts and clip art images is also vital, as is the option to adjust the orientation of images and text. Options for how to fold the cards is another feature to look for when you're shopping for greeting card software. Overall, the more options you have, the better you'll be able to customize your cards. In addition to the visual effects, another helpful feature is spell checker. While a personalized card is nice, nothing will distract someone from the message of the card like a typo.

    Editing Tools
    Good photo-editing tools are essential to this type of software. The application should combine image management with simple editing tools such as color adjustment, red-eye remover, photo cropping and image resizing. You should be able to make a great photo into a superb piece of art with ease.

    Help & Support
    Software help files should be easy to find, use and understand. Types of help should include a help index, project help tutorials, online FAQs and idea galleries. With these applications, you'll become an expert at designing custom cards in less time than it takes to browse cards on supermarket shelves. No matter what the occasion, these products can provide perfectly crafted messages.

    With this software, you will be able to take the preference and style of a Mac and become an expert at designing personalized mementos. It really doesn’t matter what the occasion is; Mac greeting card software can provide a creative solution.